Google Search Console Data Exporter

Free tool from to export up to 25,000 rows of query data from Google Search Console.

Click to export - Free to use

Search Console Data Exporter - Export 25,000 rows of query data from Google Search Console | Product Hunt

Get out all the data you can...

Google Search Console is the best source for queries your site is ranking and getting clicks for.

But Search Console only allows you to see and export the top 1,000 results.

Use this free tool to export to csv format the maximum you are allowed to see via the API.

This is the top 5,000 queries per calendar day, or top 25,000 queries over a date range.

Privacy does not store any of your query data.

You can remove permission for SEOTesting Downloader as soon as you have saved your export file via :

If you have any questions please drop me an email :