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What is Cross-Network in GA4?

This blog post explains the Cross-Network channel in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), detailing its role and significance. This channel aggregates traffic from advertising platforms such as Google Discover, Performance Max, and Google Shopping. While it offers a comprehensive view of multi-platform campaigns, it poses data attribution challenges. The article suggests solutions like custom channel groupings and additional analytics tools to overcome these issues, ultimately enhancing marketing strategies and optimizing ROI. ...Read more.

SEO AB Test Group Configuration Tool

Configuring balanced control and test groups for SEO split testing can be daunting, especially for large ecommerce websites. SEOTesting's new tool simplifies this process by providing subfolder configuration, feedback on existing groups, and an automated URL list split feature. This ensures meaningful results by eliminating anomalies and saving significant time. ...Read more.

People Also Search For Keywords: The Ultimate Guide for SEOs

This guide explores the power of People Also Search For keywords in SEO. Learn what they are, how to find them, and how to utilize them to enhance your content strategy, align with user intent, and drive organic traffic growth. Discover tools and techniques to optimize your SEO efforts effectively. ...Read more.

How to Use GA4: The Ultimate Guide

Discover how to maximize your online success with GA4. This blog covers GA4's key differences from Universal Analytics, setup steps, linking to Google Search Console, and navigating its user interface. Learn to analyze user behavior, enhance SEO strategies, improve marketing performance, and track e-commerce metrics effectively. ...Read more.

Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords: How to Find and Leverage Them

This article explores the benefits of low-hanging fruit keywords and how to find them using tools like Google Search Console, SEOTesting, and Ahrefs. Discover how these less competitive keywords can boost your SEO strategy with quick wins, cost-effective results, and improved user engagement for better search engine rankings. ...Read more.

How to Find Referral Traffic in GA4 | The Complete Guide to Referral Traffic

Discover how to track referral traffic in GA4, distinguish between 'User Acquisition' and 'Traffic Acquisition' reports, and find your top referring and landing pages. Enhance your marketing strategies with these insights. ...Read more.

What is Engagement Rate in GA4?

This article explores the engagement rate in GA4, detailing its calculation, significance, and practical tips to improve it. It contrasts engagement rate with bounce rate and provides strategies like enhancing website design and using CTAs to boost user interaction and overall satisfaction. ...Read more.

Magic Links: easily share access to SEO tests and reports

The Magic Link functionality in SEOTesting allow you to share SEO tests, reports, and data with team-members, management, and clients - without them needing an SEOTesting account. ...Read more.

11 Content Experiments to Run to Increase Traffic

This article outlines 11 innovative content experiments aimed at boosting organic traffic. It covers methods like adding expert commentary, optimizing meta tags, and enhancing URL structures, alongside the different SEO test types to gauge their effectiveness, guiding you to effectively refine your SEO strategy. ...Read more.

How to Set Up GA4 for Your Website

Discover the essential steps to setting up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for your business with our comprehensive guide. From creating a GA4 account to installing it on your website, this article walks you through every necessary action to ensure you have a fully functional GA4 dashboard. Whether you're installing GA4 manually, through Google Tag Manager, or using a website plugin, we cover all the methods to get you started immediately. Learn how to harness the power of GA4 to track your website's performance effectively. ...Read more.

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