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Why SEO experts recommend

  • " has become one of my go-to SEO tools because it does so much with all the valuable data hidden in Google Search Console. It's the only thing that gives us the ability to use that data for keyword tracking, SEO tests, and quality testing."
    Ruben Gamez, DocSketch
  • " is an essential tool in our stack for analytical SEO. We now use it for routines such as testing meta changes until we achieve significant organic CTR improvements."
    Branko Kral, BKing Digital
  • " has changed the way we approach client work. We save a ton of time tracking results and clients are happy as they can easily see results from our work."
    Ben Collins, Laughing Samurai
  • " has enabled us to back up our hypothesis with hard numbers to prove the outcome we forecasted had the desired effect."
    Chris Avery, MickeyLlew

Why do SEO testing?

Ever-changing search engine algorithms make testing and acting on the results a critical part of SEO campaigns. Testing enables you to experiment with tactics that other brands don’t do, and discover what’s best for your particular case. As a result, we’ve seen our customers benefit from:

  • Better budget allocation - testing on a subset of your content first makes it much more reasonable to allocate budget to a big endeavor next
  • Better use of time - you and your team have a limited time at work, families to be with, and important life things to do away from a computer. With clear results about what actually works, we’ll help you be more efficient while at work, and also take care of everything else that matters to you.
  • Decreased time to quality traffic - if you use your own time better because you’re acting on insights from testing, you’ll see results sooner
  • Easier buy-in - SEO tends to be hard to measure. With a simple testing tool, you’ll have an extra layer of measurement and clarity. Your stakeholders will show appreciation.

To learn much more about use cases and best practices, check out our comprehensive SEO testing guide.

Metrics we help you test

By testing the impact of your work on stepping stone metrics, you can make a big impact on KPIs such as sales, subscriptions, or the amount of empowered community members. With, you can test for Google Search Console metrics such as:

  • Organic click-through rate
  • Ranking position
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Number of queries ranked for

Features for SEO testing ease & best practice

  • Get a notification once your test is complete and results statistically significant
  • Test for metrics you can work on
  • Discover opportunities for metrics with the biggest potential impact
  • Evaluate results based on data data from the biggest search engine
  • Pick control groups and get as close to split testing as possible
  • Run repeatable tests

What can you do to get more traffic?

As well as testing, we have reports that tell you which areas of your site to work on. Our reports help you:

  • Boost click through rates of under performing pages
  • Identify pages that aren't using their top queries in their page title and meta descriptions
  • Quickly find low quality pages that can be improved, redirected or deleted
  • Find questions your site is appear for, that you can address directly in your content, to better rank.

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