How to integrate Keywords Everywhere data in SEOTesting

Get extra columns in your query based reports such as Cost Per Click, Estimated Monthly Search Volume, and Keyword Difficulty.

Improve your keyword research by adding Keywords Everywhere data to SEOTesting

Keywords Everywhere is a Google Chrome and Firefox Extension that many SEOs use to display search statistics directly within Google search result pages.

This data is now available in for Keywords Everywhere customers directly in query based reports. This will complement the data from Google Search Console to add data for:

How to setup the integration between SEOTesting and Keywords Everywhere

If you are already a Keywords Everywhere user with credits in your account, you can skip down to step 3.

1. Get a Keywords Everywhere API key

Visit, and click the link in the main menu to 'Get API Key'.

Follow the steps to get an API key emailed to you.

2. Buy Keywords Everywhere credits

To use the Keywords Everywhere API you'll need to purchase some KE credits. These are very cost effective, and a $10 purchase of 100,000 credits can last many months.

To buy credits, you'll need to download the Keywords Everywhere Chrome or Firefox extension. Once the extension is installed, click on it in the browser toolbar and you'll see a link to 'Purchase Additional Credits'.

You can read this help doc on the Keywords Everywhere site for more info.

3. Set the Keywords Everywhere API key in

While you are logged into, visit the Account section of the tool.

Here you'll see a tab called 'Integrations', where you can enter and save your Keywords Everywhere API key.

4. How is Keywords Everywhere data used in SEOTesting?

Keywords Everywhere data can be loaded on the All Queries report, and on any PageDetails view within SEOTesting. You get to an individual URLs PageDetails view by clicking on a URL in any SEOTesting reports (eg via the All Pages report).

On these reports, there is a 'Get KE Data' button that will request and load the Keywords Everywhere data for the queries in the report.

Once the KE data is loaded, it is cached in the local browser session for the current calendar month. This means the data can be re-loaded without costing any further KE credits.

Each time you request Keywords Everywhere data you'll see a toaster alert in the top right informing you how many credits were used, and how much data was loaded from the local browser cache.