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Agencies, in-house SEOs, consultants, publishers...

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Edd Wilson

Head of SEO Stratgy, Impression

Double down on tasks that actually provide ROI.

"The SEO industry is full of best practices and discussions around ranking factors but nothing beats testing these out. SEOTesting allows us to test implementations for our clients and double down on tasks that actually provide ROI. Being able to share our tests and results also allows us to be transparent and it also provides great discussion points during meetings & quarterly performance reviews."

Favorite reports and features:

The data you need to make informed recommendations to clients

"I started using SEOTesting to test out a significant (and hard to measure on a page-by-page basis) change on a client's site. Setting up the project was really simple, and it was such a weight off my mind knowing that SEOTesting was tracking it all, and I wouldn't have to pour over rows and rows of data. Reporting back on the changes to my client was really simple with the charts included in each project, and I love the additional reports available. Top query per page has changed my life and saved me so much time."

Favorite reports and features:

No more manual spreadsheets.

"I always preach a data first strategy to my SEO clients. For me, this is the most transparent method to show the positives (and sometimes negative) effects of various on page & off page optimisations. The problem? This would often require hours of setting up and managing spreadsheets. The solution? SEOTesting.com. SEOTesting has so brilliantly filled a gap that was crying out to be filled in the SEO space. It allows me to set up automated SEO Tests within seconds. No more manual spreadsheets. Nick has created a tool which should be a part of every serious SEOs toolbox."

Favorite reports and features:

Simon White

Co-Founder Local Blitz

Saves us some much time, we use it for every client

"SEOTesting saves us some much time, we use it for every client. We can quickly review every client from the SEO Testing dashboard. It helps us find new opportunities for optimizing pages that just need a little push. Once a potential page has been identified, we run experiments to see the overall impact on the page of changes we make to the page or to the off page backlink profile. This is one of my favorite SEO Tools in my SEO Toolbox."

Favorite reports and features:

See the real impact on your organic search...

"I'm often asked about the one SEO tip you give people running websites. The answer is simple, don’t ignore Google Search Console data - both in terms of tracking your optimisations but uncovering opportunities. SEOTesting is an ideal addition to your SEO toolkit to make doing this easy. It helps me uncover trends and opportunities along tracking the impact of changes. The new Group Test functionality is a fantastic way of changing multiple pages and seeing what the real impact on your organic search is."

Favorite reports and features:

Marty Meany

Senior SEO, Three Ireland

Branko Kral

Chosen Data

Track results like never before...

"SEOTesting is a key part of our SEO Toolkit. We consistently run tests for our clients, and SEOTesting helps us identify opportunities, prioritize optimizations, and track results like never before."

Favorite reports and features:

  • SEO testing
  • Top Queries per Page report
  • Winners & Losers report

Clients are happy seeing results...

"SEOTesting has changed the way we approach client work. We save a ton of time tracking results and clients are happy as they can easily see results from our work."

Favorite reports and features:

Kara Akers

Laughing Samurai

Chris Giarratana


Drive SEO strategy...

"SEOTesting helps me uncover hidden secrets about how Google understands my client’s content. I quickly find opportunities to drive SEO strategy, and I can use the easy reports to educate my clients and increase sales."

Favorite reports and features:

Discover new product lines...

"SEOTesting helps us cut down on time and resources needed to identify optimization opportunities and educate our clients for upsell opportunities. This tool helps us discover new product lines for clients, and generate thousands of dollars of profits in just a few months!"

Favorite reports and features:

Andy Barr


Leslie Gilmour

Cube Digital

Ideas for new content...

"SEOTesting fits into my process mainly after content has been published and for ideas for new content. I was blown away by the way that I could easily record optimisation changes made to pages and know within a time frame if the changes produced the results I expected."

Favorite reports and features:

Simplified my work flow enormously...

"After spending hours collating data in spreadsheets, I found SEOTesting and it has simplified my work flow enormously. It has helped automate a lot of the reports I generated manually and let me get a clearer view of the outcomes from the changes I am making on my site."

Favorite reports and features:

Ryan Mitchell


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