Google Chrome Extension for Google Search Console

Access Google Search Console data while you browse your site and perform onpage analysis with our easy to use extension.

The SEOTesting Google Chrome Extension for Google Search Console has been built to help you with your day-to-day tasks with content and on-page SEO.

On-page SEO assistance

Use the SEOTesting Chrome extension to review any site's page attributes such as the page title, meta description and canonical value. The extension will also highlight any potential issues with these settings.

Review document structure

The headings section will display the document hierarchy and allow you to spot any headings that are not nested correctly within the document structure.

Clicking on a heading within the extension will scroll you down to that page element, and hovering your mouse will highlight it.

Easy access to Google Search Console query data

Give your content teams easy access to Search Console data to help them optimize content.

As you browse your site, the SEOTesting Chrome extension displays the queries the page ranks for and whether these queries are used on the page.

This gives you or your team the opportunity to expand your content with new sections and FAQs based on the queries the page is already ranking for.

SEO Tests

View the SEO tests you have running on this site, get an overview of the results so far, with the full test details just a click away.

Access to reports

Get quick access to all your site reports in from the Chrome extension reports tab.

Free for everyone to use

Everyone can use the SEOTesting Chrome extension to analyse your on-page SEO elements.

You need to be an SEOTesting customer, or signed up to the 14 day trial, to be able to view a page's Search Console query data.

Please watch the video to the left to see how to install and get started with our Chrome extension.