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Getting Started with the tool

Search Intent - why certain keywords are highlighted in the reports

How to add annotations to SEOTesting graphs for the site, urls and queries


How to run a time based SEO test

How to run a time based SEO test on multiple url (SEO Group Test)

How to run a time based SEO test when the url changes. Useful for testing topic clusters

How to run SEO split tests

The complete guide to SEO testing [long read]


General intro to the reports in

Finding click through rate opportunities, and how to improve CTR

Top Queries Missing from Titles and Meta Descriptions report

Setting up and using the Brand vs Non-Brand report

How to use the Content Decay report to get clicks back from Google

New Keywords report - great for getting new content ideas

Long Tail Keywords - what they are and how to find them

How to use the 'Questions to Answer' report

Striking Distance Keywords - what they are and how to get them onto page 1 of Google

Thin Content - use the Content Quality Report to find low quality pages

Keyword Cannibalization - find pages fighting for the same keyword

New Page and Keyword Alerts/Reports

Alerts and report for when new pages appear in Google for the first time.

Alerts and report when new keywords appear in Google for the first time.

Content Groups

Use Content Groups to track the ongoing performance of a set of urls


SEOTesting Chrome Extension

Google Data Studio connector

Google Search Console

Have a read of our introduction to Google Search Console.

We have a great list of Google Search Console tutorials and guides here.