The SEOTesting Podcast : Episode 002

Written by Nick Swan. Updated on 26, January 2022

Improvements for SEO tests:

  • sending alerts for completed tests
  • potential for notifications to be delivered to Slack
  • 'finish now' button for split tests

Chrome Extension

  • link to page details view
  • links to site reports within extension
  • had some really good feedback

Some history around continuous SEO split tests being a hack until content groups came about.

Phill getting use to working around Nick's code, and Nick getting use to handing the development over.
Refectoring code being a standalone task within itself.

January sales have really picked up.

We need to do some analysis of what customers do to see quick value from the app.

How a simple button for 'view dashboard' will hopefully help first user experience.

Revenue goals for 2022.