Nick Swan

As SEOTesting is a single person company Nick spends his time doing a bit of everything. Building new features, supporting customers and writing documentation and articles.

You can find Nick on Twitter and LinkedIn, or drop him an email


Brand vs Non-Brand SEO Report - Based On Search Console Data

Review how Brand vs Non-Brand keywords are performing in Google with our new report in SEOTesting. Useful for PR, digital agencies, and in-house SEO teams to measure brand awareness in the SERPs.

SEOTesting is looking to grow our Development Team!

Exciting News, @SEOTesting is looking to grow our Development Team!

Why niche site owners should use

If you are running a niche site, can save you huge amounts of time and spot great opportunities from Google Search Console data. Check out the reports to use and how SEO tests can help you.

Content Decay Report - find pages that need a content refresh

The Content Decay Report from SEOTesting will show you the pages on your site that have declining traffic from a peak position over the last 13 months. Use this to implement a content refresh strategy and get those clicks back from Google.

SEO SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Our library of SEO SOPs will help your organization and team complete SEO tasks in a process drive and successful way. Ensure the output of your team matches your high standard. You can use our SOPs as they are, or edit them to fit your needs.

SEO Interview Questions

SEO interview questions for when you are hiring for the next position in your SEO team. We've put together some great technical questions for different positions, as well as some softer getting-to-know-you ones to ask.

Publish New Content Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Clicking the publish button on any new article should be the beginning of its lifecycle. We have a set of steps you can follow or use as a starting point for your own SOP around what to do when you've just published a brand-new piece of content.

Content Refresh Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

This SOP will show you how to find content to refresh, find out what's missing, bring all the new headings and queries together, and how to use time-based SEO testing to see the improvement your work brings.

How to SEO test Page Titles

Improving page titles is one of the quickest ways to get more clicks to your page from the organic search listings in Google. We take you through how to do it, best practices, case studies, and, most importantly how to record the results.

The SEOTesting podcast is back! : Episode 003

On this episode of the SEOTesting podcast we go over personal updates, taking investment from TinySeed, and putting in place some work practices.

An SEO Process for Content Optimization

Using the Page Actions feature in SEOTesting allows you to create an SEO process for optimizing content, making sure no content gets left behind from a content freshness perspective.

How to use Google Search Console to optimize articles

How to use the query data in the Google Search Console performance reports to optimize and improve your existing articles and content.

SEO Experiments - 28 ideas to move stuck rankings

Looking for some ideas for SEO experiments and tests to run? Check out our list of 28 ideas of things to try to get your rankings for a page moving in the right direction.

2021 Annual Review

An annual review of what we've been up to at during 2021. Surviving more lockdowns, releasing some cool features and building a great community of customers.

The SEOTesting Podcast : Episode 002

What we've been up to this week from a product and marketing point of view, and setting some revenue goals for 2022

Hello World : First SEOTesting Podcast

Introduction to the SEOTesting podcast, who Nick and Phill are, and the three big things we released in November and December.

Google Index Alert - New Page Email Alert and Report

Use the New Page email alerts and report from SEOTesting to discover when Google has crawled, indexed, and ranked new content on your site.

Striking distance keywords report using Google Search Console API and C#

Filter the query data coming back from the Google Search Console API, so we report on queries that are on page 2. These 'Striking Distance' keywords are low hanging fruit that we can work on to get them into the top 10 search results.

Introduction to Google Search Console API with C#

Get started working with the Google Search Console API and C# code with this complete walk through on how to get access to query data in Search Console.

How to win more SEO clients and pitches using SEOTesting and Google Search Console data.

Save time on your SEO pitches and deliver more value to potential clients by using these 4 reports in SEOTesting and data from Google Search Console.

How to run an SEO test for a new topic cluster

How do you run an SEO test when you move from a single article, to a multi page topic cluster? This article shows you how to set it up so you can measure the organic search traffic changes.

What Is Thin Content?

Read this post to learn how to identify and fix thin content issues on your website so that you can avoid penalties from Google Panda.

How to SEO test url redirects

How you can make sure your organic search performance is maintained or increases when you create a new version of a page, with a new url, and redirect to it.

Google Search Console Rank Tracker in

SEOTesting has a rank tracker which is built on Google Search Console data. This will help you monitor your site’s position in the search result pages for the keywords important to your site.

Want to run time based SEO tests on multiple urls or queries?

How to run time based SEO tests on multiple urls or queries using SEO Group Tests in SEOTesting

Creating Content Groups based on Search Console data

How to create and track a bunch of urls performance over time, based on Google Search Console data. Really useful when the content you are working on is not contained within a sub-folder structure that you can filter on. Or, when you want to report on a subset of urls that do exist within a subfolder with other urls.

What search queries does my page rank for?

Researching what search queries a page ranks for is an important process of improving and refreshing content that is published on a website.SEOTesting gives easy access to this data, including how many times each query is used on the page. Great for optimising and improving existing pages.

Google Search Console Algorithm Updates

See if drops of rises in organic traffic are the result of Google algorithm updates. SEOTesting lays update annotations over Google Search Console data to help you figure out what has happened at a site, page and query level.

Content Optimization and Expansion using Google Search Console data and

Improving content is a great way to get more organic traffic to pages that are already ranking.Google likes pages that are refreshed and kept up to date. The data from Google Search Console can help you expand your content with new sections and questions people ask around the page’s topic. Google is basically giving you clues on what keywords and sections to include on a page!

Search Intent - how to understand search queries and user intent

What is search intent? We take a look at how a user's search query translates into the type of content that Google displays in the search results.

Long Tail Keywords - what, how and why they should be part of your SEO strategy.

Long tail keywords form an important part of any SEO strategy. Learn what they are, how to use them, and how to find out which long tail keywords your site already ranks for so you can start with them.

Accidental Keywords - what they are and what to do with them.

Accidental keywords are queries your site appears for in Google’s search results but you are not necessarily targeting. Learn how to find Accidental Keywords using and what to do with them.

How has the organic click through rate curve changed in the last 12 months?

Google has introduced lots of changes into the search result pages over the last 12 months. From putting 4 ads above the organic listings to featured snippets and other search features - but how has it changed the click through rate of the top 10 organic positions?

Striking Distance Keywords

Looking for an easy boost in clicks from Google. Working on a site's striking distance keywords is a great way to get an increase in clicks from a minimal time investment.

Are your Top Queries Appearing within your Page's Content?

Ensuring a page's top queries appear within the page's main elements is a great way to maximise click through rate. Finding a page's top queries using Google Search Console alone takes time and resources that your business may not have. Using the Top Query Per Page report from SEOTesting speeds up the process, saves you time and uses ChatGPT to ensure your page's top queries are included within its main elements.

What new keywords has my site started to rank for?

The New Keyword report shows you the queries your site has started ranking for over the past 7 days. Review these to get new content ideas.

How to get more SEO traffic by answering questions

Don't just focus on 1 or 2 word keywords when doing SEO research. Also look at the questions your site is appearing for. This report brings them straight out for you.

How to run SEO split tests

SEO split tests can be tricky to setup. This guide shows you what SEO split tests are, how to setup up and record the results, and how can automate it for you.