Nick Swan

As SEOTesting is a single person company Nick spends his time doing a bit of everything. Building new features, supporting customers and writing documentation and articles.

You can find Nick on Twitter and LinkedIn, or drop him an email


Getting Started with

A quick intro on the different bits of, how they work, and how they can help you improve your Google rankings and get more clicks.

The Complete Guide to SEO Testing: Best Practices, Experiment Ideas, Tool Walkthrough

How do you prove the work you are doing to a website is offering a return on investment by getting better rankings and more clicks from Google? Check out our guide on SEO testing to find out what it is, why to do it, and best practices. Plus a huge list of experiment ideas you can try.

Organic click through rate [CTR] from Google - how to improve yours

Want more clicks from the search results? Use our advice to find easy opportunities to improve your click through rate and get more traffic. Reports - do more with Google Search Console data has many pre-configured reports to help you make the most out of the data from Google Search Console. We take a quick look at each of them here.

How to run an SEO Test using

If you have made changes to a page or your entire site, use this guide to setup an SEO test to see if your clicks and rankings go up or down

How to run SEO split tests

SEO split tests can be tricky to setup. This guide shows you what SEO split tests are, how to setup up and record the results, and how can automate it for you.

How to get more SEO traffic by answering questions

Don't just focus on 1 or 2 word keywords when doing SEO research. Also look at the questions your site is appearing for. This report brings them straight out for you.

What new keywords has my site started to rank for?

The New Keyword report shows you the queries your site has started ranking for over the past 7 days. Review these to get new content ideas.

How to use the Top Queries Missing From Titles and Meta Descriptions report

Boost a page's click through rate by making sure you include the top query in the page title and meta description. This report in SEOTesting lets you know the pages to work on...

Striking Distance Keywords

Looking for an easy boost in clicks from Google. Working on a site's striking distance keywords is a great way to get an increase in clicks from a minimal time investment.

Keyword Cannibalization - how to find issues, and how to fix them

As websites age and grow keyword cannibalization can really hurt your efforts to rank target keywords for specific pages. The keyword cannibalization report in helps you find issues, and this article explains how to fix them.

How has the organic click through rate curve changed in the last 12 months?

Google has introduced lots of changes into the search result pages over the last 12 months. From putting 4 ads above the organic listings to featured snippets and other search features - but how has it changed the click through rate of the top 10 organic positions?

Accidental Keywords - what they are and what to do with them.

Accidental keywords are queries your site appears for in Google’s search results but you are not necessarily targeting. Learn how to find Accidental Keywords using and what to do with them.

Long Tail Keywords - what, how and why they should be part of your SEO strategy.

Long tail keywords form an important part of any SEO strategy. Learn what they are, how to use them, and how to find out which long tail keywords your site already ranks for so you can start with them.

Search Intent - how to understand search queries and user intent

What is search intent? We take a look at how a user's search query translates into the type of content that Google displays in the search results.

Content Optimization and Expansion using Google Search Console data and

Improving content is a great way to get more organic traffic to pages that are already ranking.Google likes pages that are refreshed and kept up to date. The data from Google Search Console can help you expand your content with new sections and questions people ask around the page’s topic. Google is basically giving you clues on what keywords and sections to include on a page!

See Google algorithm updates on Google Search Console graphs

See if drops of rises in organic traffic are the result of Google algorithm updates. SEOTesting lays update annotations over Google Search Console data to help you figure out what has happened at a site, page and query level.

How to Annotate Google Search Console data

Want to annotate your Google Search Console data? You can now do this with You can annotate on a site, page or query level. This helps create a changelog for your site so you can remember what was changed and when.

What search queries does my page rank for?

Researching what search queries a page ranks for is an important process of improving and refreshing content that is published on a website.SEOTesting gives easy access to this data, including how many times each query is used on the page. Great for optimising and improving existing pages.

Creating Content Groups based on Search Console data

How to create and track a bunch of urls performance over time, based on Google Search Console data. Really useful when the content you are working on is not contained within a sub-folder structure that you can filter on. Or, when you want to report on a subset of urls that do exist within a subfolder with other urls.

Want to run time based SEO tests on multiple urls or queries?

How to run time based SEO tests on multiple urls or queries using SEO Group Tests in SEOTesting

Google Search Console Rank Tracker in

SEOTesting has a rank tracker which is built on Google Search Console data. This will help you monitor your site’s position in the search result pages for the keywords important to your site.

How to SEO test url redirects

How you can make sure your organic search performance is maintained or increases when you create a new version of a page, with a new url, and redirect to it.

What Is Thin Content?

Read this post to learn how to identify and fix thin content issues on your website so that you can avoid penalties from Google Panda.

How to run an SEO test for a new topic cluster

How do you run an SEO test when you move from a single article, to a multi page topic cluster? This article shows you how to set it up so you can measure the organic search traffic changes.