SEO Interview Questions

Written by Nick Swan. Updated on 13, January 2023

The interview questions you use for your next SEO hire depend on the role you are looking to fill.

Managers are always nervous about hiring for SEO roles, as a bad hire can cause lasting damage to a site’s ability to rank in Google. It’s essential to get the right person to improve your site’s visibility in search engines and not tank your rankings!

You will no longer likely find one person covering all areas of search engine optimization. If you only have budget for a single person, you will still want to ensure they have knowledge of all areas of SEO so they can use and manage the right contractor or freelancer. If you are hiring for a single SEO generalist, you can pick questions from each category.

We’ve broken our areas of SEO interview questions into three specialties:

Technical SEO Interview Questions

Technical SEOs need to know how to use a variety of different SEO tools. Our SEO interview questions for this role cover the Google toolset they should have knowledge of, and also third-party tools.

Technical SEOs need to find enjoyment in problem-solving, so we go over how they got into SEO, and a couple of questions on typical problems they may come up against when auditing a site. Read more...

Content Marketing Interview Questions

The role of content marketing is a relatively new one, but for large websites that are working with multiple writers, having someone who can manage the content publishing process and distribution of the content is crucial.

Our questions cover how the candidate sees the role within the business organisation, and which metrics they would track to measure performance and success. Read more...

Link Building Interview Questions

Links are still a fundamental part of SEO. If you want to improve your site’s performance in Google’s organic search results, you need to be gaining credible links from sites relevant to your own.

As with other roles, tools are important, but relationship-building with other sites and publishers in your industry is an essential part of link-building. So you need to consider questions around soft skills as well as technical ability to gather prospects and outreach. Read more...