SEO SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Written by Nick Swan. Updated on 13, January 2023

Creating a set of SOP documents around SEO tasks is a great way to delegate and scale your organisations SEO efforts. You can use these SOPs to get junior SEOs or virtual assistants to complete time-consuming tasks that allow you to concentrate on strategy and delivery.

For agencies, SOPs help you deliver a consistently excellent service to your clients. Your agency’s use of SOPs can be part of your sales pitch and why clients should pick you.

What are SOPs

SOPs are a set of steps to complete a specific task. They can include written steps, along with marked-up screenshots and videos.

They should be written straightforwardly so anyone completing the steps will finish with the same outcome.

SOPs for SEO

It can be quite an undertaking to produce a set of SOP instructions, so here at SEOTesting, we have done much of the hard work for you. Below you’ll find a set of SOP instructions that you can take and use just as they are. Or you can use them as a starting point and edit them to become your own custom set of SOP documents.

We are constantly looking to expand our list of SOPs. If you want to see a process documented that we currently have missing, drop an email to, and we’ll get them added to our library of SOPs.

Content Refresh SOP

This SOP will show you how to find content to refresh, find out what's missing, bring all the new headings and queries together, and how to use time-based SEO testing to see the improvement your work brings. Read more...

Publish New Content SOP

Clicking the publish button on any new article should be the beginning of its lifecycle. We have a set of steps you can follow or use as a starting point for your own SOP around what to do when you've just published a brand-new piece of content. Read more...