Tiago Silva

Tiago loves Marketing and Technology. He's a content creator for SEOTesting.com, covering anything related to SEO and especially Google Search Console.

He also has his own blog and, YouTube channel. During his downtime, he likes to exercise and go on hikes with his dog.

You can find Tiago on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.


SERP: The Low Down on Search Engine Results Pages

Discover what SERP means and why they are important for SEO. This article gives you the full run-down so you are better familiarized with them in your SEO journey.

Duplicate, Google Chose Different Canonical than User - What Is It? How Do I Fix It?

This article will show you why Duplicate, Google Chose Different Canonical than User happens, how you can find pages with this indexing error, and the steps you can take to fix it.

Redirect FAQs: Answering your Common Questions

In this article, we will answer all of the common questions around redirects. Are they bad for SEO? Are temporary redirects bad? Is it better to use 301 or 302 redirects? Answers to all of these questions and more can be found here.

Beginners Guide to Internal Linking for SEO

Internal linking holds huge importance in SEO as it's the only method of building links that you have 100% control over. In this article we will talk about what internal links are, how they differ from external links, why they are important for users and why they are important for SEO.

How to Fix the Excluded by 'Noindex' Tag Error in Google Search Console?

The excluded by 'noindex' status is a coverage status given by Google Search Console to show when a page has not been included in Google's index. In this article, we will explain more about this status and how to fix it on your own website.

My Google Search Console (GSC) Account Does Not Show Any Data

We go through the most common reasons why your GSC site property may not be showing performance data, with some steps you can take to fix the problem.

'Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt'. What is it and how to fix it?

What does 'Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt' mean when it's reported in Google Search Console, and how do you go about resolving the reported issues?

The Best Tools to Identify and Fix Keyword Cannibalization

We take a look at the best SEO tools to find keyword cannibalization issues on your website. How to use them, plus the pro's and con's of each of them.

What are the data sources for keyword research tools?

Wondering how keyword research tools come up with so many keyword ideas and estimate monthly search volume? Wonder no more as we dig into the sometime murky world of scraping, clickstream data, and free plugin and browser extensions.

Robots.txt and SEO - The Ultimate Guide from the Experts

Learn how to use your website's robots.txt file properly. Find out what it does, how to safely use it to block search engines crawling sections of your site, plus common errors and issues people come across when editing it.

What is a Canonical Tag and Why Does It Matter for SEO? All Your Questions Answered

In this guide we explain what canonical tags are, and how they can help Google understand which page is the target to rank for a particular topic. We cover reasons to use, best practices, and the correct way to implement canonical tags to keep Googlebot happy.

The 13 best free keyword research tools for SEO

Check out the free keyword research tools we make use of on a regular basis. SEO software subscriptions can easily get out of hand, so take a look through our free recommendations before opening your wallet.

Google Search Operators: The Ultimate Guide for SEOs

Learn how to use Google itself as an SEO tool with our ultimate guide to Google Search Operators. These will help you with onsite audits, internal linking, and link-building opportunities.

Redirects guide - what they are and why they matter for SEO

Everything you need to know as an SEO about redirects. When they are useful, which type to use, plus common issues and how to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

XML Sitemaps - a guide for SEOs

What are XML sitemaps, why your site should have them, and how are they used by Google to find pages on your site.

Google Search Console: Discovered - Currently Not Indexed

Learn what the URL status Discovered - currently not indexed in Google Search Console means. Some common issues that can lead to this status being set for a page, and how to go about fixing them.

How to get content indexed by Google quickly

Want to get your new page showing in the Google Search results as quickly as possible? Read our guide on the steps to do to give your page the best chance of a quick crawl and index.

Google Search Console Glossary

Terms and definitions for Google Search Console. If you are looking for an explanation for something within Search Console, check out our glossary and related articles.

Using Regular Expressions in Google Search Console

Do advanced filtering on page and query data in Google Search Console using regular expressions (RegEx). We take you through how to use them in GSC, and have some great examples to get you started.