Reports - do more with Google Search Console data

Written by Nick Swan. Published on 12, August 2020

There are many smart ways to use the query data in Google Search Console to help you improve your pages, create new content, and improve click through rates, run a full content audit - basically get more organic traffic from Google!

The Reports section of lists all the reports that can help you achieve these things using Google Search Console data in one place.

Winners and Losers

Quickly see which queries and pages have had the biggest lift (yay) and drop (boo) in terms of clicks and impressions over the last rolling 7 days.

Spot great improvements you’ve made recently as pages skyrockets in clicks, or spot pages and queries that have dropped off a cliff. This gives you the opportunity to dig into a page and see if you can spot any critical issues and problems.

Find Click Through Rate Opportunities

Reports to find queries and pages with low click through rates. These give the opportunity to gain more clicks by boosting the click through rate by writing better page titles or meta descriptions. Sometimes you’ll also spot an opportunity to create a new page altogether. 

The ‘Top Queries Missing From Titles and Meta Descriptions’ report gets the top queries for each of your site's top pages, and checks whether this query is used in the page title and meta description. If the top query is missing, it presents you with a nice opportunity of getting a potential boost in click through rate by including it.

Content Ideas

The content ideas set of reports will help surface new content ideas to you, and potentially content to improve or remove from your site.

New Keywords - this report shows you the new seo keywords your site has just started to rank for. Amongst these you will find some great new content ideas.

Long tail keywords - find less competitive keywords your site already ranks for, but that you may not be targeting. Create content to target them and rank well. We have a really useful guide on long tail keywords here.

Queries with low click through rate - check to see if the content targeting these queries matches the searchers intent.

‘Questions to Answer’ - find specific questions people are asking that your site is displayed in Google for. Use these questions to improve existing content with FAQ sections, or if the potential traffic is high enough and it makes sense to, create a new piece of content. Here is our guide on how to use the 'Questions to Answer' report.

Striking Distance Queries - a report that displays the queries that you appear just off page 1 in Google for. With a bit of on-page work, internal linking and potentially new external links, get onto page 1 for the query and see a nice increase in clicks. Click here to read more about Striking Distance Keywords.

Find Low Quality Content - removing dead content can be as important as creating new. This report takes each url in a sitemap.xml file and reports on how many impressions and clicks it gets from Google. You might be surprised how many pages on your site get absolutely zero impressions in the search results! Find them - then improve, redirect, or delete them. You can read more about the Content Quality report in our guide about thin content.

All Data

All Queries and All Pages - simple reports to be able to look through all the queries and pages that Google Search Console reports on.

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalization - you might be hurting your ability to rank for a specific keyword by having multiple pieces of content ranking for it. This report displays these keywords, and shows the pages that are potentially causing disruption. You can find more details about the report and Keyword Cannibalization here.


The query data Google Search Console has about your site is gold. Make sure you are making the most of it with our pre-configured reports to help you create, improve, add, and sometimes remove, the content on your site.