SEOTesting Features

We excel at SEO testing, but we do a lot more than just that...

SEO split tests

Easily setup a control group and test group of urls so you can split test the SEO results over the same time period.

Time based tests

Create a simple SEO test that compares weeks before the change, to weeks after.

Test historically

Test start dates can be back dated so you can run tests on historical data.

CTR opportunities

Uncover queries that have a low CTR. Work on titles and meta descriptions to get more clicks.

New Keywords Report

Check the New Keywords report to find out what your site has just started ranking for. Get lots of new keyword ideas.

Top queries missing

Find out which pages do not have their top queries in page titles and meta descriptions. Easy fixes bring more clicks.

Page content refinements

Easily see which related queries are not being used on your page. Add them for a jump in clicks and traffic.

Rank tracking

Track keyword positions using Google Search Console data.

Thin content report

Test 1,000s of urls in a sitemap.xml to uncover thin and low quality content.


Find out cannibalization issues across your site where pages fight for the same ranking.

Winners and losers

Get 7 day snapshots of which keywords and pages have had the best and worst gains.

Questions report

Find out which questions people are searching, that your site appears in Google for. This includes 'People also ask suggestions'.

Striking distance keywords

Report to show high value keywords just on page 2 or 3. Get them on page 1 for a nice CTR improvement.

Daily email

Get a daily alert each time Search Console updates with key metrics listed in it.

Filtered dashboards for each site

Add dashboards filtered by country, brand filters etc. All site reports then based on those filters.

Quick links for content research

One click links to check searchers intent in Google, and for content ideas in Reddit and Quora.