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SEO Testing

Stop guessing what will work, stop forgetting what you’ve changed.

Time based SEO testing

Time-based SEO Testing allows you to compare the organic search performance of the period of time before a change, to the period of time after a change.

SEOTesting has 3 types of time based tests for different scenarios...

SEO Split Testing

SEO Split Testing allows you to run a test group of urls against a control group over the same period of time.

SEO testing allows you to make decisions - backed by data. This will give you confidence and insights that your optimizations are giving positive SEO results.

To learn more about SEO testing in general, checkout our Complete Guide To SEO Testing.


Summarise Google Search Console data into weeks and months to easily spot trends

Confirmed Google Algorithm updates are annotated on graphs.

Easily see page and query details to allow for content optimisation and new content opportunities.

Reports based on Google Search Console data

Find opportunities for page title and meta description optimizations to boost the click through rate from organic search. Check out the Top Query Missing and Top Query Per Page reports.

Content based reports for new articles and content expansion. Search Intent highlighting to help you create the write type of content for specific queries.

New Keyword and New Page reports and alerts.

Work with all Google Search Console data you need.

Keyword cannibalization report

Site Changelog

Add custom graph annotations to Google Search Console data at a site, page, or query level.

All tests and annotations are rolled up into the Site Changelog report. Useful for remembering what’s been changed on a site, and monthly reporting to clients.

Content Groups

Track the organic search performance, based on Google Search Console data, of groups of urls over time.

Useful for reporting on:

  • Articles grouped by author
  • Topic clusters
  • Specific sub sections of a site

Read more about Content Groups here.


Google Chrome Extension

The SEOTesting Google Chrome extension for Google Search Console allows you to view Search Console query data as you browse pages on your site.

Use on page hints and heading navigators to fix and improve your pages.

Google Data Studio Connector

Create Google Data Studio reports based on SEO testing data, or import your SEO tests into existing Data Studio reports.

Super easy to get going.

Nothing to install on site

No code to add to pages

2 clicks to integrate SEOTesting with Google Search Console

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